Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement

A total roof replacement project is something that A-Grade Roofing can take care of. If your roof is in disrepair or you’re looking for a fresh change, A-Grade Roofing can help. There are some things to remember prior to endeavouring on this type of project, but rest assured, we’ll be there every step of the way to guide you through the ins and outs of the viability of the project. Our obligation free quotes give you the perfect chance to weigh up the factors of getting your roof replaced.

Every roof will have a different cost, and this comes down to several factors, including size, material already in use and the material to be used. The most cost-effective roof to replace is a Skillion Roof. It is often straightforward and easy to repair, with materials being readily accessible. Other materials such as TerracottaColorbond and Slate are still able to be replaced, but a quotation should be conducted prior to any work being carried out.

Some common materials that are used when replacing a roof are:

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    Although the roof may be replaced with a similar material to that being used, there may need to be structural work carried out to reinforce any weak points, or to replace timbers which may have rotted. If the roof material is not the same as the one currently in use, there may need to be structural reinforcement to counter act the new load, which may be greater than the existing load. We’ll be there though to guide you through the process, so you make the best decision, for you.

    There may also be other costs associated with replacing a roof which may not be clear initially, the most notable of these being the removal of asbestos. A lot of homes built prior to the 1950s have asbestos in them, and subsequently the removal and disposal of asbestos can be quite high. A-Grade Roofing will assess during their obligation free quote whether asbestos is present, and then let you know what cost may be.

    Some other factors affecting the price are the steepness of the pitch and any access concerns. Once again, we’ll assess this up front, so you will be presented with all the relevant information before the project commences.

    Our roof replacement services are carried out by a team of local roofers who have been in the building industry for over 40 years. A-Grade Roofing is an established business in the Inner West of Sydney and have carried out replacements, restorations and installations across Sydney.