Gutter and Downpipe Repair and Replacement

Gutter and Downpipe Repair and Replacement

Gutters and Downpipes are sometimes overlooked when it comes to the overall maintenance of any property. They do, however, perform one of the most important functions when it comes to roofing systems. Guttering traps run-off from the non-permeable roof and leads it into the downpipes, which in return transport the water to the stormwater system. If gutters become blocked, rotted or otherwise damaged, this can lead to leaks and other major forms of damage.

Leaking gutters may seem like no big deal in the first instance, but when left unmanaged they can transform into interior leaks and roof damage. Over time, especially in the harsher climates, gutters weaken and have increased chance of failure. If you think that your gutters or downpipes are looking a little worn out, or there are obvious signs of rust, give A-Grade Roofing a call and we’ll come out to inspect the situation. We use the highest quality materials for all our guttering and downpipe products, so you can rest assured that the gutters and downpipes will last for many years to come. A benefit of having your guttering and downpipe system refreshed is that it can improve the overall aesthetics of the property, especially in conjunction with a roof repair or replacement.

A-Grade Roofing can take care of all your guttering repairs and replacements. Our friendly and knowledgeable team can provide you with an obligation free quote and valuable information to assist you with making important maintenance decisions in relation to your guttering and downpipes. We can either repair damaged or blocked gutters and downpipes or fully replace them depending on the level of damage.

There are a number of different materials that can be used for guttering and downpipes, but the most popular ones are either Aluminium or Colorbond.

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    Aluminium Gutters

    Aluminium does not rust. Therefore, it is one of the most often used materials when it comes to guttering and down piping solutions. With newer technology in the manufacturing process, the continuous length of the gutter means that there are less joints, which makes it less likely to fail and have less chance of leaking. It improves the overall aesthetics of the home and will last a longer period.

    Colorbond Guttering

    Steel gutters, or Zincalume, as they are also known, are durable, aesthetically appealing and resilient to the elements. They are fast and easy to install and have a strong exterior coating which increases their resistance to peeling and damage. The steel material is also a little more cost-effective than the aluminium alternative, but still holds, which make it the perfect choice when looking to replace the existing gutters.

    Even if you are unsure on what choice you would like to make in terms of the materials, the team at A-Grade Roofing can give you an obligation free gutter inspection and quote, to give you guidance in your decision making, in terms of style and budget

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